Types of shower for your bathroom

Types of showers

If you are struggling with the decision of what shower to get for your bathroom, in yingsbathroom.com we are going to help you make your mind by explaining the different types of shower existing in the market.


Digital showers

Digital Shower

The most advanced and technological choice is a digital shower. In combination with its elegance and style choices and the simplicity of installation, it is the best, but also expensive, selection for your bathroom.

They work with a panel fixed to the wall within 10 meters of the shower that controls the intensity and heat. There are wireless designs that provide even more freedom in your bathroom.


Electric shower

One of the advantages of the electric shower is the instant temperature regulation, avoiding scalding or freezing in the firsts seconds that we all hate. You will save in your heating bill due to the efficiency of energy.

However, be careful if you have children or elderly people you are in charge of. We cannot forget is an electric shower and needs to be treated carefully.


Mixer shower

This type of shower is normally more intense in the flow. They have a traditional look and design. Using hot and cold water and mixing (as the name says) together, it gets the desired temperature.

The main advantage of this type of shower is the thermostatically control over them, avoiding, as well as the electric one, any type of burnt or cold hit. It allows to use different kinds of head depending on your preference.


Power shower

These showers have a feature that allows to boost the water flow, enhancing the low pressure systems. It draws hot and cold water from water supplies to provide the wanted temperature. The power showers are between regular mixer shower and electric showers.


Eco showers

This is the perfect choice for your bathroom. If you, as well as all of us here in yingsbathroom.com, care for the environment, or simply you are aiming at save some money, the eco shower will save water for you reducing the consumption to the minimum.

These are the 5 types of showers in the market but within them, there is a lot more. If you are interested visit us in yingsbathroom.com