What Kind of Bathroom Basin Taps Would You Buy If Money Was No Object To You?

I don’t know about you, but I often like to ask myself questions like the one in the title above; I always think it is good for the mind and spirit to dream a little positive dream from time to time and to imagine one living a more lavish lifestyle to then consider questions in the style of what if scenarios. It is said by many successful people alive today, that it was this very kind of thinking that was what helped them manifest their own fortunes – If you do your own research , like I have, you will likely be quite surprised at how many of the rich and famous in today’s societies in actual fact, say that they honestly feel that they would not have achieved the lifestyle they live in, if they had not at one time during their younger years of life, dreamed big & pictured themselves living the reality of the lives they wished to one day be living for real.

Anyway, back to the initial point of this content piece, which, in case you are wondering was to jump in and take a peek at a selection of some of the most expensive, stylish and luxurious taps that can be found  (if you look hard enough) in today’s global bathroom basin taps – market place.

  1. At the top of the list in regard to cost (although we actually were not told the precise value), are the Diamond Encrusted, Gold basin taps that you might come across if ever visiting a Billionaire Russian Oligarch’s Home. They were designed by Nilo Gioachinni and the gold frames contain a total of 282 Diamonds.
  2. The second most lavish design of Tap that has caught our attention for being somewhat over-the-top in the same light as the Diamond Encrusted taps, are the Italian designed ‘Glamour’ range of modern taps, many of which are encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. The taps are always actually made to order, so unfortunately we couldn’t get a price on these either, although we were told that they would mostly be within the range of roughly a few thousand pounds.
  3. Our choice for third, which in fact should have come in at position 2 if this list was only totally reliant on price, is the ‘Smart Faucet’ designed by iHouse . The clever digital tap will recognize different faces and the settings that each of its stored faces/users prefers. This modern, high-tech tap would set you back a cool 35k USD, so it is only for those of us that have more money than sense. However it would be a nifty little gadget to have and something that I would consider if I won the lottery.

There are plenty more stunning, stylish and futuristic basin taps that can be found online and in high-street stores these days that I would love to buy for my home. The 3 above are a bit out of my price range, but perhaps you can consider them for your home? Anyway, hopefully this has helped plant some ideas in your head for how you will go about shopping for your bathroom basin taps and plug sets.