Kitchen is the heart of the home

Without doubt the kitchen represents the heart of the house, besides being the space for the preparation of food, the kitchen has become a place of meeting, meetings and family exchange with friends, we could say that it is one of the environments main of the house.


From early breakfast and throughout the day all activities in a house revolve around the kitchen. Depending on its location and spatiality it can contain activities such as breakfast, lunch and dinner and even be the center of meetings between friends.


The evolution of the kitchen as a space speaks of the transformations that the family played in society. Although not until a long time ago it was an exclusive area for women, today there is more talk about a room to cook, eat and share more than just a place to make food.


There are different forms of configuration, open or integrated to other environments of the house or closed. They can be simple and efficient or more complete with support island and kitchen, bar and breakfast bar. Because it is a space where many hours of the day are spent, the trend is for the kitchens to be functional and comfortable environments, aiming more and more to give them spaces to stay and stay. In this sense, a daily dining room can be incorporated into the kitchen and in some cases, they can have a small seating or armchair that provides the comfort and convenience to share the different moments of the day.


The distribution of the kitchen is very rational, usually it is necessary to take into account the preparation circuit and the relation of merchandise to be placed in refrigerator and cupboards as well as the output of the prepared dishes to be served. In this sense it is important the proximity of the kitchen with the entrance of the house and with the other main rooms, mainly the dining room.


For those people who enjoy cooking for friends, the kitchen becomes the meeting center, very useful in this set are the islands or bars where the cook can be in front of the guests and where everyone can appreciate and share the culinary process.


No matter the size or the majesty of the furniture, the goal is to transform the kitchen into a meeting area, in an open space where it is possible to rediscover yourself and others, share and enjoy the good times that the life in our home.


By entering here, you can see some examples of kitchens and take ideas for your future home.


How to keep good smell in your bathroom

Many people choose to put air fresheners in the bathrooms of their homes to make these stays more pleasant. Because, in addition to the frequent cleaning necessary in every bathroom, the humidity and the continued use by different members of the house can lead to unpleasant odors. To avoid them, ventilation is essential, especially after the use of the shower, which usually causes condensation, as well as the toilet.


If you are interested in creating a pleasant atmosphere in your bathrooms with a fresh and natural scent, here are three simple and inexpensive ideas that you can put into practice with little effort.


Home bathroom freshener

Make your own air freshener with citrus and spices by reusing some glass or plastic bottle and placing a piece of fabric that transpire, tulle or burlap type. Fill the container with the spices you want to combine and the peels of some citrus. The skin of the lemon is combined with a little clove and cinnamon. We can also fill our air freshener with lavender, rosemary, jasmine, cinnamon with orange or any scent that pleases us.


Essential oil in toilet paper

A simple and effective idea to give a unique aroma to your baths is to pour a few drops of essential oil inside the cardboard of the toilet paper. You can use this trick with both the roll you’re using and the ones you store in the bathroom. Just a few drops will give an incredible scent to your bathroom without the need for air fresheners. You can choose the aroma that you like best: lavender, vanilla, jasmine, rose, lemon, sandalwood, etc.


Trick to absorb odors in the bathroom

With this other trick, you can absorb the bad smells that are generated in the bathroom while leaving a good aroma. Use a small plastic container (lunch box type) and make holes in the lid. Inside, you should pour baking soda with a few drops of the essential oil you prefer. When closing the container, the holes in the lid will allow the bicarbonate to absorb odors and the aroma of the essential oil will impregnate.


One last thing

The most important thing to reduce the odors in the bathroom is to clean the bathroom regularly. Cleaning your own private bathroom will probably not need to be washed every day. The best way to do is clean it once or twice for a week. Not only the smell is better. We also have good hygiene as well.

How Decor Affects Your Emotions at Home

When decorating a room or home there is more at stake than aesthetics and good taste. According to the incipient discipline of neuroarchitecture, spaces and their design have a measurable effect on mood, emotions and thought processes. By monitoring the changes in the brain and hormonal activity of people when interacting with space, we have discovered the effects that certain design elements have on the well-being of people.


  1. The excess when decorating is bad.

A disordered room can generate feelings of guilt, stress, anxiety and frustration. As a general rule, having few objects makes home cleaning easier, so this is an option to feel comfortable at home.


  1. The views

In many cities having a garden or patio has become a luxury, however, a balcony or large windows can also serve to relax people. Just the possibility of seeing how the weather is and knowing what is happening outside is enough for a person to feel in control and calm


  1. The kitchen is the heart of the home.

We usually associate the kitchen with feelings of well-being, protection and warmth. In addition, it is an informal meeting point among the inhabitants of a household. This is why you should take special care of the decoration of this space to reinforce the feeling of being a cozy place.

We recommended that the kitchen should has a view of the room, to see what happens in the rest of the house. Also, the kitchen should have a window that you can see the landscape.


  1. Curves instead of corners

if you find a sharp corner, potentially threatening objects, But if you find smooth curves,

contribute to relaxation.


  1. Lights and colors

Light, especially that of the sun, improves mood and promotes a state of alertness. During the day you can take advantage to open the curtains and let in a good amount of natural light.

However, during the night, electric light, although it can help you stay awake, can interfere with your natural sleep cycle and promote insomnia. To avoid this, the soft light of some lamps or candles is recommended, which creates a softer and more welcoming atmosphere.


The colors of the room affect the mood. According to the psychology of color, pastel shades tend to be ideal for a room, while highly saturated colors generate anxiety and stress. Very dark colors, meanwhile, generate the feeling of confinement and embarrassment, so it is advisable to avoid them.

Don’t overlook the Importance of color

Using the color is so important and is so related to our psychological characteristics that there is a whole study called “color psychology”. That is why today we want to tell you a little about the importance of color in decoration, since its use in home decoration can affect our mood in a positive or negative way. All this will help us to know in what quantity to use a certain color to achieve the space we want.


If we want a space that transmits calm, it is good to use the color BLUE in a clear tone. This color will help us to stay calm and to relax in the place we decide to apply it to the decoration at home. In dark tones, blue will give us a sense of elegance and sophistication.


Another color that reflects the importance of color in the house is BLACK. With it we can create spaces full of elegance and prominence but being so dominant it is important to use it in a few quantities.

On the other hand, GRAY, as a mixture of black and white, is a very neutral color that increasingly attracts attention when it comes to decorating at home, even for babies’ rooms. It is a calm and stable color and gets along very well with almost all colors.


If the idea is to give strength and movement to a space, fill it with energy with RED. It is so striking, that depending on the space in which you use it generates a different effect. In rooms, invites romance and in the kitchen or dining room open appetite, that’s why  is one of the favorites of fast food restaurants. Another color that we must use in small quantities, in this case because it accelerates the heartbeat

Another option full of energy is the color YELLOW. But this with its message of freedom, fills us with positive energy and confidence. But you have to balance it with more neutral or soft colors to create a balance.


The WHITE color is excellence one of the most used colors in decoration. Because it enlarges the space, invites reflection and gives an incredible light to the decoration at home. It is a color that becomes a lifestyle in many cultures and that goes well with natural materials.


The GREEN it is one of the colors for this year because it is associated with the ecological. For decoration at home it can be a bit strong, but if it is more loaded with yellow than with blue it can be combined more easily. It is a color that is said, inspired and full of creativity, so it could go well in a studio or work spaces. It looks great with woods, it gives harmony with blue or yellow, but it looks spectacular with white.

Suitable Ware and Furniture for Health

Suitable Ware and Furniture for Health

Every time when we buy the furniture for home, it should not be only beautiful for your house. But we should consider the advantages and disadvantages that are appropriate for your health in home.


In the present day, everyone is in a hurry. We have to go out ang this is so worrying. Because there are many pollutions that makes our body weak. Therefore, the house should be a place where the most important to safe and suitable for living with quality. So, let’s see what we should have furniture in our house.


  1. Air purifier

Air purifier is a device that removes contaminants like: toxic, smoke Air purifiers for residential use are commercialized claiming to be beneficial against allergens, people with asthma, atopic dermatitis, multiple chemical sensitivity. air purifiers can be placed in an air-conditioning unit (UCA) or an air-conditioning unit found in the medical, commercial and industrial industries. It is important to verify that you have the endorsement of a medical society.


  1. moke alarms

It is a smoke alarm when it may be caused by a fire. It will alert homeowners to know that. A fire in the house. This unit may work separately between smoke alarms. With water dispensers to help stop the fire. Or will work together.


  1. Rubber floors

Rubber floors have many qualities and benefits, but the most recognized is the fact that they mostly allow a greater significant adhesion, so they are generally widely used in places with slippery floors. Many people use rubber floors for bathrooms, which often serve as anti-slip.

Undoubtedly one of the most suitable areas to place this type of floor is a bathroom, because it provides some security to users who often wet feet try to cross those rooms. Non-slippery rubber floor in bathrooms and toilettes is one thing that can help reduce accidents; it is also suitable for anyone like teenage children or who is clumsy.


  1. Carpet

If the house is in a crowded area, avoid using carpets or other furniture using velvet. The dust and germs coming with it would cause health and illness problems.



Plants in the bathroom: The varieties that best adapt and how to put them. Some find in the humidity of the bathroom their perfect habitat, they require almost no maintenance and look better than anywhere else. it’s a great way to conserve water. Plants can help to cleaner and better air in the bathroom. Also, plants can help increase your vitality and give you a feeling of extra energy.