Kitchen is the heart of the home

Without doubt the kitchen represents the heart of the house, besides being the space for the preparation of food, the kitchen has become a place of meeting, meetings and family exchange with friends, we could say that it is one of the environments main of the house.


From early breakfast and throughout the day all activities in a house revolve around the kitchen. Depending on its location and spatiality it can contain activities such as breakfast, lunch and dinner and even be the center of meetings between friends.


The evolution of the kitchen as a space speaks of the transformations that the family played in society. Although not until a long time ago it was an exclusive area for women, today there is more talk about a room to cook, eat and share more than just a place to make food.


There are different forms of configuration, open or integrated to other environments of the house or closed. They can be simple and efficient or more complete with support island and kitchen, bar and breakfast bar. Because it is a space where many hours of the day are spent, the trend is for the kitchens to be functional and comfortable environments, aiming more and more to give them spaces to stay and stay. In this sense, a daily dining room can be incorporated into the kitchen and in some cases, they can have a small seating or armchair that provides the comfort and convenience to share the different moments of the day.


The distribution of the kitchen is very rational, usually it is necessary to take into account the preparation circuit and the relation of merchandise to be placed in refrigerator and cupboards as well as the output of the prepared dishes to be served. In this sense it is important the proximity of the kitchen with the entrance of the house and with the other main rooms, mainly the dining room.


For those people who enjoy cooking for friends, the kitchen becomes the meeting center, very useful in this set are the islands or bars where the cook can be in front of the guests and where everyone can appreciate and share the culinary process.


No matter the size or the majesty of the furniture, the goal is to transform the kitchen into a meeting area, in an open space where it is possible to rediscover yourself and others, share and enjoy the good times that the life in our home.


By entering here, you can see some examples of kitchens and take ideas for your future home.