Bathroom Fittings That Offer Great Convenience

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If you are refitting/renovating your bathroom then you of course must have many things to think about in regards to how you will want the new bathroom to look and feel. There are the obvious fittings that you will need to purchase, like the bathroom sink/basin, the toilet and then either a shower unit or bath, or perhaps both (if you are fortunate enough to have a large enough space in which to comfortably fit in a bath and shower unit). You then need to start considering and planning what will be the other accessories that you would like to have in the newly designed bathroom. For example, what type of towel rail will you have, will you have a towel rail? Will you get a wall hung bathroom sink, or will you go for something like a nice oak vanity unit, that will provide some much needed storage space. How about a clothes basket for dirty clothing, perhaps this is something you could do with? Also, an important fitting in my opinion is certainly the bathroom mirror! What size will it be and how are you going to ensure that the lighting of it will be good enough? Some people forget to give this important factor enough thought and end up positioning their bathroom mirror in a place that offers only a dim light reflection – this would not be an issue if the mirror had its own lighting fitted to it, but I have experienced many occasions where this was not the case, which made seeing any clear details of my face extremely difficult and left me feeling very frustrated.

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So, my advice for anyone who is currently going through a bathroom redesign is to give good thought and attention to the type of mirror you will be purchasing and fitting in the new bathroom. The type that I consider as being the best are the wall hung cabinet mirrors, due to them being space efficient and offering great lighting from the built in lighting systems that most of them have. If you can get a double door bathroom mirror cabinet then that would be the ideal for size too. The mirrored cabinets will most of the time provide a respectable amount of storage space within them, which is really convenient for storing your shaving equipment, toothbrushes and toothpaste, cleansers, soaps and much more. So if you were to ask me about what I would pick as being the number 1 bathroom accessory fitting, that offers great convenience, I would not hesitate to select the wall hung mirrored bathroom cabinets.