What Kind of Bathroom Basin Taps Would You Buy If Money Was No Object To You?

I don’t know about you, but I often like to ask myself questions like the one in the title above; I always think it is good for the mind and spirit to dream a little positive dream from time to time and to imagine one living a more lavish lifestyle to then consider questions in the style of what if scenarios. It is said by many successful people alive today, that it was this very kind of thinking that was what helped them manifest their own fortunes – If you do your own research , like I have, you will likely be quite surprised at how many of the rich and famous in today’s societies in actual fact, say that they honestly feel that they would not have achieved the lifestyle they live in, if they had not at one time during their younger years of life, dreamed big & pictured themselves living the reality of the lives they wished to one day be living for real.

Anyway, back to the initial point of this content piece, which, in case you are wondering was to jump in and take a peek at a selection of some of the most expensive, stylish and luxurious taps that can be found  (if you look hard enough) in today’s global bathroom basin taps – market place.

  1. At the top of the list in regard to cost (although we actually were not told the precise value), are the Diamond Encrusted, Gold basin taps that you might come across if ever visiting a Billionaire Russian Oligarch’s Home. They were designed by Nilo Gioachinni and the gold frames contain a total of 282 Diamonds.
  2. The second most lavish design of Tap that has caught our attention for being somewhat over-the-top in the same light as the Diamond Encrusted taps, are the Italian designed ‘Glamour’ range of modern taps, many of which are encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. The taps are always actually made to order, so unfortunately we couldn’t get a price on these either, although we were told that they would mostly be within the range of roughly a few thousand pounds.
  3. Our choice for third, which in fact should have come in at position 2 if this list was only totally reliant on price, is the ‘Smart Faucet’ designed by iHouse . The clever digital tap will recognize different faces and the settings that each of its stored faces/users prefers. This modern, high-tech tap would set you back a cool 35k USD, so it is only for those of us that have more money than sense. However it would be a nifty little gadget to have and something that I would consider if I won the lottery.

There are plenty more stunning, stylish and futuristic basin taps that can be found online and in high-street stores these days that I would love to buy for my home. The 3 above are a bit out of my price range, but perhaps you can consider them for your home? Anyway, hopefully this has helped plant some ideas in your head for how you will go about shopping for your bathroom basin taps and plug sets.

Have You Considered The Style of Basin Tap or Taps to go With your New Basin Vanity Unit

basin taps

If you are going to go through the great effort and expense of re-designing or renovating your home bathroom, then you should do it right. By do it right, what I mean is you should not leave any stone un-turned and never cut any corners; instead you need to pay attention to every last, little bit of detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, it will all add to the eventual, completed master piece. You want to make sure that the end result is a bathroom that you are totally happy with and each fitting and decoration is just the way you want it to be, to make up the perfect bathroom suited to your taste & requirements (and of course your partners taste too if you have one).

Something that many people overlook in the case of bathroom renovations is the basin taps; the style and choosing between one mixer tap or two taps to give you the choice of hot or cold water. You may not be aware, but there are so many different styled of bathroom basin taps, so what might seem like a quick and simple decision can, in reality, turn into quite the ‘can of worms’. Will you have the taps fitted to the basin, or onto the vanity unit top, or perhaps you will have them fitted to the wall behind the vanity unit with the taps stretching out and over the basin. Will you go for old, antique styled taps or modern mono lever taps, fitted with a funky LED light, and will you choose a fountain styled tap or perhaps a traditional short and clean faucet? The choice is yours and you really are spoiled.

basin taps

My advice is to go for a modern, contemporary designer tap and don’t hold back on the amount you will spend on it. Whatever you choose, it is certainly going to be relatively cheap compared to all the other fittings you are going to be putting into the new bathroom, so you should approach the task with a blind eye to the cost. You will be able to find some really cool, stylish modern fountain mixer taps with a chrome finish that will really complement the vanity & basin of your new bathroom.

Be Adventurous and Cover the Bathroom Floor with an Exciting/Interesting Mural

Be Adventurous and Cover the Bathroom Floor with an Exciting/Interesting Mural

Have you ever visited a friend’s home or perhaps hotel or restaurant that has made use of 3D bathroom tiles, or 3D murals covering the walls or floor? If you haven’t then you must, and you are in for a real treat. I was actually familiar with, or had previously come across 3D bathroom tiles and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the extra feeling they offered to the room. The way that they made the room that little bit more interesting and in my experience, gave it more of a warm, homely feeling. The feeling that is given to the room will of course be largely down to the design of the tiles that have been chosen and fitted by the owner; some might be going for excitement, others – danger, interest, beauty Etc. Something I had not yet seen in a home until very recently was the use of a full-on, mural, covering the entire floor of the bathroom, and I have to say it looked amazing. Now again, this will have a lot to do with different tastes, but then again, you can find different murals to find different tastes. So if you are wanting to add some extra character, and make your home more interesting then I would say that adding in a mural to a wall or floor here and there would be the way to go – but you would need to be careful to not go overboard with it, as you could otherwise end up making your home turn into a kind of fun house-entertainment type of property and lose the homely feeling all together which is something you need.

Be Adventurous and Cover the Bathroom Floor with an Exciting/Interesting Mural

The bathroom is in my opinion, the perfect place for this type of wall or floor art, and the design I had the pleasure of experiencing at a friend’s place, was one that incorporated the ocean, and some dolphins. The attention to detail was fantastic and the quality of colours and realistic features really made the whole bathroom more of a fun place to be. It would be especially ideal for anyone with little children as they would surely love and buzz off something like the mural of sea life, water and their favourite type of fish or mammal. There are of course an abundance of other designs and styles to suit all ages and tastes, so go and have a search and see if you can find something that you would absolutely love to see in your home, and then go out and get it!

What Type of Bathroom Basin or Basins’ Do You Prefer?

What Type of Bathroom Basin or Basins’ Do You Prefer?

If you are anything like me in relation to planning everything meticulously, down to the finest details and taking care to leave no stone unturned, then you will certainly have some preferences when it comes to choosing the style, shape and number of basins that are to be fitted into the bathroom in your home; if you are fortunate and financially healthy then it will be for your en-suite bathroom.

Believe it or not, there are so many different options when it comes to bathroom basins, so it is certainly (well in my opinion anyway) worth putting some time aside, and sparring a reasonable sized budget so that you can do your due diligence, compare, discuss & decide upon the vanity basin or basins that will add some more class and character to your bathroom.  Picking the right bathroom sink can help make it that little bit more luxurious or relaxing and if possible it would be perfect to not be restricted by money, as you would probably be surprised or even shocked by the price tag that some of the high-end basins come with; they really can get quite expensive. Bathroom basins come in such a variation of materials and styles, so this can make picking the solo basin or set of basins quite a challenging task, so you may want to ask your friend or partner for some help with finding and deciding upon the right one/s for your bathroom.

What Type of Bathroom Basin or Basins’ Do You Prefer?

You need to think about the rest of the fittings in the bathroom and ensure that what you choose fits in well with everything else. You should also consider the style of tap and plug system that you and perhaps others who will be using the bathroom, prefer; you might like the single mixer taps, or perhaps you have more of a liking for twin taps that separate the hot and cold water for you. Also, do you want the tap/s fitted to the basin or should they be fitted to the wall or a vanity unit and reach over and into your basin/s? You should next consider what you would like your basin to be made from, and this is for sure will depend on what the other fittings are made of; ceramic, different types of stone or glass are the most common materials you will be choosing between. Another thing to think about, that many forget, is the weight of the basin/s; you need to choose something that will not be too heavy for the location you will be fitting it.

Many bathroom vanity units actually come already fitted with basins, as a package, however even in those cases you will usually have a choice of basin that you would like fitted to your unit, so when it arrives at your home, you already have the vanity unit and basin combo of your choice, ready to slot into your bathroom and complete your master piece.

Happy shopping!

Finding The Ideal Furniture/Fittings For A Cloakroom Bathroom

Finding The Ideal Furniture/Fittings For A Cloakroom Bathroom

It can be quite a challenge to fit all the bathroom essentials into a small space as I am sure many of you will have experienced at one time or another. As property prices continue to rise, the space we can afford to live in become more and more limited, resulting in a rise in smaller, cloakroom sized bathrooms. When you are space challenged in this way, you need to be clever about how you plan out where each bathroom fitting will go and consider the specific style of furniture you will purchase for each unit, making sure you are making the most out of the space you have available and not doing anything that will be a waste of the space.

There are various ways to save more space in the bathroom and still end up with a complete, fully furnished bathroom that caters for all the essentials that you would expect to find in any home bathroom. Some suggestions for saving space are provided below::

  • Invest in a shower space instead of a bath – The shower will take up less room as it is vertical and it still can provide a nice relaxing place to wash away the days stresses, providing you purchase a good quality shower, and have good water pressure in your home.
  • Buy and fit a wall hung mirrored cabinet – This type of bathroom furnishing is great for storage space, as well as providing the necessary bathroom mirror. The cabinet should be fitted about your bathroom sink/basin and ideally will have a shaving light fitted to it for convenience and good lighting.
  • Purchase a corner or compact vanity unit with a basin attached – the bathroom vanity unit will bring the room together, giving it a touch of class while also providing much needed storage space. You will also have some work surface space around the basin for placing toothbrushes and other essential toiletries.

Other than the above fittings, you of course will need to buy yourself a toilet, and ideally also attach a towel rail to the wall. You will then be good to go and will be able to enjoy the convenience of a fully furnished bathroom.

How to Take Care of and Look After Your Bathroom Fittings

How to Take Care of and Look After Your Bathroom Fittings

After spending a small fortune on designing and installing your new bathroom, it without a doubt makes perfect sense to spend a small fraction more time and money to protect each unit with the best protective solutions available for whatever each item requires. The bathroom is the room in anyone’s home that will consistently be facing the pressure and strain that a wet or damp environment can deliver, so it is really the most important room to treat with any added protection that is available so that you do all that you can to ensure that your items fitted within the room will maintain their fresh, stylish look for many years to come. It is also important to take precautions to protect the bathroom walls and flooring in the same manner, for the same reasons. For example the paint that one would use for decorating the bathroom is different the type of paint used to colour other walls inside your home (in case you are not already aware about this).

How to Take Care of and Look After Your Bathroom Fittings

So after ensuring that the floors, walls and ceiling have the suitable protective layers applied to them, or have been decorated using the right formula of paints, the next thing to do is identify all other fittings and decorations that should have a little more protection from the water splashing and damp air that they will be frequently experiencing. Most people will correctly choose to apply this type of protection onto all of their wooden items, however a surprising percentage of people will forget or neglect that any stone items in the bathroom also need and will benefit from being treated with sealers and colour intensifiers.

After you have identified all the items that should be treated with some sort of water protective solutions you can then go and buy the respective solutions for each of the items and start the process of applying the protective layers onto your items. Before actually painting or spraying on the protective coats/lacquers, you will need to sand down and wipe down the surfaces of the items you are treating, so you will not be trapping any dirt or stains beneath the coat you are adding to your furniture.

Fitting Your Bathroom with a New Bath

Fitting Your Bathroom with a New Bath?

If you are struggling to decide upon the style and shape of bath you will be fitting into your soon to be newly renovated bathroom then this post might be just what you need to help you make up your mind. Being someone who has worked many years in the building trade, I have witnessed many bathroom renovations, so I would like to think that I have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. Also I can give good advice on the certain types & styles of baths that are best suited to all sorts of different situations that a homeowner or home designer might be challenged with, while going through the process of furnishing the property they have recently purchased/designed.

Recently I have actually been responsible for overseeing a number of bathroom renovations for medium to large sized properties, with medium to large sized bathrooms. During these renovations, I have noticed that there is certainly a trend in choosing the freestanding type bath tubs instead of the wall fitted baths which in the past had been the standard for nearly ever bathroom, certainly being the most popular style by far. Not only are people going for the stand alone, free-standing bath tubs, but they are also selecting the designs that tend to be quite a lot deeper than that of the traditional, wall fitted baths of my generation. This deeper design of tub offers a more relaxing experience for the bathers, as they can fully immerse themselves into a warm bubble bath, without the worry of any limbs getting a little cold due to the person being a bit tall and not being able to totally, comfortably remain all underwater when bathing in the baths of the past, at a depth of what many of us would be used to.

Fitting Your Bathroom with a New Bath?

I have to say that these Free-Standing or Claw-Foot Bath Tubs do sometimes look fantastic and they provide more flexibility with how a bathroom is designed, also it makes the process of keeping the bathroom clean a bit more practical. If you have a sizeable enough bathrooms and a big enough budget though, then I would recommend looking around for the right style of Drop-In Bath design to fit in with the rest of the bathroom décor and furniture. In my opinion, the Drop-In Bath Tub Designs really give off a sense of luxury and class and for me, they would be the Bath of choice if I were to be renovating my own bathroom.

Fit A Stone Top Vanity Unit Into Your Bathroom & Enjoy A Touch Of Luxury

bathroom decoration

It is important to do what it takes to get your bathroom looking and feeling great; as it is the first & last room you will visit in your house each day (of course this is obviously not including one’s own bedroom). Due to the bathroom being a part of your first experience of each day, it is the place that will usually or most likely also play a roll in ‘setting the mood’ for the day’s events, or in some cases just the mornings events. In  the same sense, as the bathroom is the last room you spend time in and experience before finally ending the day by getting back in to bed, it will either assist you with mentally ‘winding down’ and being prepared for a restful night’s sleep. Alternatively It can compound and add to the days pressures and stress that you’ve had to endure, making it more difficult for you to float away into the comfort of your dreams.

Now that you have taken my above comments into consideration, I assume you will have the same opinion as myself and many others, in that you should approach your bathroom renovation with the ethos that no expenses should be spared, with each item and fitting meeting the highest standards of bathrooms in the UK.

For me, I would consider the bathroom vanity unit as being the furniture item/bathroom fitting that should be the centre piece of a person’s home bathroom, and I you know where to shop online, you can find some stunning single & double basin bathroom vanities; my favourite types tend to be the stone top vanity units, and there is a big selection of them online, leaving you with many options to choose between

Bathroom Fittings That Offer Great Convenience

bathroom decoration

If you are refitting/renovating your bathroom then you of course must have many things to think about in regards to how you will want the new bathroom to look and feel. There are the obvious fittings that you will need to purchase, like the bathroom sink/basin, the toilet and then either a shower unit or bath, or perhaps both (if you are fortunate enough to have a large enough space in which to comfortably fit in a bath and shower unit). You then need to start considering and planning what will be the other accessories that you would like to have in the newly designed bathroom. For example, what type of towel rail will you have, will you have a towel rail? Will you get a wall hung bathroom sink, or will you go for something like a nice oak vanity unit, that will provide some much needed storage space. How about a clothes basket for dirty clothing, perhaps this is something you could do with? Also, an important fitting in my opinion is certainly the bathroom mirror! What size will it be and how are you going to ensure that the lighting of it will be good enough? Some people forget to give this important factor enough thought and end up positioning their bathroom mirror in a place that offers only a dim light reflection – this would not be an issue if the mirror had its own lighting fitted to it, but I have experienced many occasions where this was not the case, which made seeing any clear details of my face extremely difficult and left me feeling very frustrated.

bathroom furniture

So, my advice for anyone who is currently going through a bathroom redesign is to give good thought and attention to the type of mirror you will be purchasing and fitting in the new bathroom. The type that I consider as being the best are the wall hung cabinet mirrors, due to them being space efficient and offering great lighting from the built in lighting systems that most of them have. If you can get a double door bathroom mirror cabinet then that would be the ideal for size too. The mirrored cabinets will most of the time provide a respectable amount of storage space within them, which is really convenient for storing your shaving equipment, toothbrushes and toothpaste, cleansers, soaps and much more. So if you were to ask me about what I would pick as being the number 1 bathroom accessory fitting, that offers great convenience, I would not hesitate to select the wall hung mirrored bathroom cabinets.

Kitchen is the heart of the home

Without doubt the kitchen represents the heart of the house, besides being the space for the preparation of food, the kitchen has become a place of meeting, meetings and family exchange with friends, we could say that it is one of the environments main of the house.


From early breakfast and throughout the day all activities in a house revolve around the kitchen. Depending on its location and spatiality it can contain activities such as breakfast, lunch and dinner and even be the center of meetings between friends.


The evolution of the kitchen as a space speaks of the transformations that the family played in society. Although not until a long time ago it was an exclusive area for women, today there is more talk about a room to cook, eat and share more than just a place to make food.


There are different forms of configuration, open or integrated to other environments of the house or closed. They can be simple and efficient or more complete with support island and kitchen, bar and breakfast bar. Because it is a space where many hours of the day are spent, the trend is for the kitchens to be functional and comfortable environments, aiming more and more to give them spaces to stay and stay. In this sense, a daily dining room can be incorporated into the kitchen and in some cases, they can have a small seating or armchair that provides the comfort and convenience to share the different moments of the day.


The distribution of the kitchen is very rational, usually it is necessary to take into account the preparation circuit and the relation of merchandise to be placed in refrigerator and cupboards as well as the output of the prepared dishes to be served. In this sense it is important the proximity of the kitchen with the entrance of the house and with the other main rooms, mainly the dining room.


For those people who enjoy cooking for friends, the kitchen becomes the meeting center, very useful in this set are the islands or bars where the cook can be in front of the guests and where everyone can appreciate and share the culinary process.


No matter the size or the majesty of the furniture, the goal is to transform the kitchen into a meeting area, in an open space where it is possible to rediscover yourself and others, share and enjoy the good times that the life in our home.


By entering here, you can see some examples of kitchens and take ideas for your future home.